Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I know you
they call you the assassin
an assassin of character
you've judged my primordial essence
felt my thighs saddled around your waist
seen my blossoming womb burst
because you've filled it.
you load your weapons and
patiently watch me
camouflaged with war paint collected from previous victims
blood, sweat, semen
thinking you hide from my Medusa eyes.
you are an Apache perched and awaiting
a warrior precariously hanging out the back seat of an explorer.
I am a trembling bull
the wolf mother with swollen teats
you've tasted the products of my milk,
my nations.

I come to you
washed and adorned
you touch my naked arms
and stained mouth.
You wait for fear
yet none comes.

you tear me apart

ripping off my seven layers
your fingers in my hair
taking away my jewelry
sacred turquoise and living amber.
I smell like birth.
Against a meat cleaver you hang me
I pass slowly
but unbeknownst to you
in my death I live.

I am of every name
the pearls of Aphrodite, Parvarti, Mary Magdalene and her band of whores in the streets
even your moaning mother wrinkled and grey,
the pagan Inanna, the women of the rent tent,
girls with naieve eyes,
a god called She
( I am woman )

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  1. Heya!

    Just took the link from modelmayhem. You are a model in an area I travel to very frequently (Ithaca). I don't have a MM account so I couldnt contact ya there. Maybe we will have a chance to work together sometime.